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Toilet Maid®

Welcome to the revolutionary Toilet Maid® – the greatest innovation in toilet hygiene for years. Now is the time to get rid of those dirty, bacteria holding toilet brushes and ban them forever!

No messy bristles, only a smooth, sleek blade to clean the most stubborn stains and marks!

Toilet Maid® - Clean, Fresh & No Mess

Toilet Maid® is discreet, clean and the FREE holder, ensures your Toilet Maid® is out of sight and always ready for use.

Toilet Maid® has also been designed to fit to the side of the toilet cistern for added space saving and is supplied with adhesive pads, fittings and instructions. Not only for toilets at home, but ideal for caravans and boats etc.

For more information about Toilet Maid® or to discuss a product order, please contact Bramhall Products.