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When my local supermarket stopped holding refills for the toilet duck fresh brush I had to go back to a traditional toilet brush for a short while. This frustrated me immensely as I could never get the toilet brush clean and I couldn't get the brush to clean the lower reaches of the bowl easily. I bought a Toilet Maid in desperation and found a wonderful product. I don't know how it cleans so efectively with just a bit of toilet cleaner - but it does, even under the rim. Just swirl it round in a circular motion and then clean with either wipes (like Washlets) which can be safely flushed or warm water. Leave to air dry and put it back in the holder. My holder sits on the floor but it comes with wall fittings.

Mr R

No drips and no mess. No bases full of dirty water.

Mr M

Gets into every single corner and cleans with no effort at all. Just buy one! You won’t believe the results either.

Mrs V

This is a great improvement on the usual toilet brush, this tool can be cleaned, dried, replaced and hidden away reducing clutter on the bathroom floor. MUCH better!

Mrs H

This product is made for common sense people; it works like a charm, is easy to clean and really does the job of cleaning the bowl without having to get a bristle brush impregnated with the waste. You simply wash it clean with very hot soapy water and place it back in the holder. A best buy for 2013.

Mr C

Great new product, does what other tools for the toilet cannot do, clean the bowl and clean the tool as well. Highly recommend this...


This product is the best loo cleaner I have ever used, no smelly brush to clean, never need to replace the brush. Neat and tidy, fixes on wall simply. Slides on and off the bracket, no effort, light as a feather. Absolutely brilliant product.

Miss J

Yes! The cleanest loo cleaner ever seen.


I hate toilet brushes but the Toilet Maid ticks all the boxes for hygiene, ease of use and smart looks.


Congratulations on inventing such a brilliant product - it's really wonderful to see a former housewife succeed in this way. Well done and may your business go from strength to strength!